My Name is Tricia King

I started the business, Gluten-Free Bakery Girl, in 2012. My previous experiences working as a pastry chef with the Inn at Perry Cabin, as a sous and pastry chef with a bakery in Scotland and owning a local personal chef business, have all aided me with developing, testing and introducing my original gluten-free recipes.

My inspiration began with creating dedicated gluten-free menus for customers with celiac disease, as well as for myself due to my own gluten intolerance. I know that the only way to address celiac and gluten sensitivities is to eliminate gluten — but we all want cookies, bars and tarts that taste good. 

I built a completely gluten-free kitchen in our store in St. Michaels, Maryland, so that we could have a dedicated baking space. To prevent contamination, no gluten whatsoever passes our threshold and there aren’t any other baking companies in the building.

Every single product my pastry chef and I use is routinely tested to guarantee our gluten-free certification from the National Celiac Association and the state health inspection. We never use gluten-free mixes—everything sold is prepared completely from scratch. When each order comes in, we personally bake, package, and deliver or ship within 3–4 days to ensure freshness.

The shop in St. Michaels has allowed e-commerce and wholesale options to accompany the retail side of the business. With this website, we are able to expand even further beyond the brick-and-mortar shop and scheduled local delivery clients by offering shipping options across the US.

The most popular menu items in our St. Michaels store are specialty cookies, peanut butter buckeye brownies, lemon bars and English Bakewell tarts. Now we can share the same gluten-free experiences with online customers. 

Bringing joy to someone's day with gluten-free treats gives the staff of Gluten-Free Bakery Girl great satisfaction.

Adapted from Foraging for Flavor interview, September 2015

Products shipped 3–4 days from the date of your order, so that you receive the freshest batch.