Here in the Gluten-Free Bakery Girl kitchen, we want to share what we’ve learned. 

My staff and I want to help you understand all about gluten-free, why gluten-free is important, and how to know which foods are gluten-free. (You’d be surprised to find out where gluten is hidden in your everyday foods—it’s not just in breads and baked goods any more!)

We know that being told to go gluten-free, whether by your doctor, nutritionist, or friends, can seem extremely overwhelming and daunting. (Trust us — we’ve been there, done that!

So stop worrying and walk with us as we navigate the maze of gluten-free products.

We’ll help you pick safe foods to eat, teach you how to read food labels, and introduce you to the sweet life of gluten-free. 

We’ll give you hints and tips about getting the right tastes and textures, and explain how gluten-free ingredients interact with other ingredients to create baked items so good you, and your friends and family, will never know it’s gluten-free.

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