My name is Tricia King and I am a professional Pastry Chef.

I’ve found my niche — gluten-free baking! Not only am I gluten intolerant (I have physical reactions to the
glutens in my food), I have a passion for gluten-free baking.

I want to share my experiences and knowledge and recipes with all of you who can’t have gluten anymore,
whether it’s from gluten allergies and intolerance, from Celiac’s or Lyme’s disease, or whatever your reason.
I started experimenting with gluten free baking just to see how it would be compared to regular baking.

I have a lot of friends who can’t have gluten, and according to them, the things they miss most are breads
and baked items. It is a challenge and so much fun to experiment with wonderful desserts and breads, and trust me,
I never run out of ideas on what to try next!

I was so excited that I removed all the gluten products from our kitchen and now bake only gluten-free —
hence the new identity — the GLUTEN-FREE BAKERY GIRL!

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