Shipping Info



Ways to get your Gluten-Free Bakery Girl treats shipped to your door:

  • free shipping for orders over $50 (select US zip codes only)

  • $7.50 shipping for local orders under $50 (select local zip codes only)

  • just choose “SHIP” on the product page

  • view Shopping Cart and click “Calculate Shipping” to select shipping method
  • confirm “Shipping” again in the shopping cart before adding your payment method

  • triple check “Shipping” is selected before clicking “Place Order”
  • you will receive a confirmation email detailing your order

  • shipping orders leave our bakery on Tuesdays and Thursdays, allowing 3–4 days for baking time, so that you get the freshest batch

Any more questions? Call us or fill out our website contact form.

We will get back to you as soon as our oven timer dings.





116 N. Talbot Street  |  410-693-1153 

1 – 3 pm, Monday – Friday
9 am – 3 pm, Saturday